Spanish: Short Stories for Beginners with Audio - Claudia Orea

Spanish: Short Stories for Beginners with Audio

By Claudia Orea

  • Release Date: 2018-02-12
  • Genre: Foreign Languages
Score: 5
From 56 Ratings


Spanish for beginners: The most complete Spanish Short Stories book with audio.

Brush up on your Spanish, improve your reading and listening skills, and make learning new vocabulary so much easier with 11 fun and engaging Spanish stories.

Reading and listening to short stories is an effective and enjoyable method to learning Spanish.

For those of you who can’t just slip away from life, travel to Spain and immerse yourself in the language in order to learn it, this is your solution! Reading and listening to native-spoken Spanish stories is the next best thing.
You have at your fingertips the written word AND its accompanying audio recording that allows you to:

- Gain a greater vocabulary that you can use immediately, every day. You will add 1,500+ Spanish words and expressions to your repertoire through the encounter of descriptive sentences and casual conversations woven throughout the stories.

- Sharpen your comprehension of the spoken word by listening to a native Spanish speaker.

- Learn how to pronounce Spanish words properly by comparing the written word to the audio recording.

- Familiarize yourself with a wide range of grammar structures and put them to use today.

- Avoid the monotonous task of memorizing grammar rules. How awesome is that?!

Recommended for beginning and intermediate level Spanish learners.

The stories are written for new Spanish learners. However, a basic understanding of Spanish is highly recommended to achieve maximum enjoyment and effectiveness of the lessons. This program is perfect for those who want to brush up on their Spanish language skills.

How will this book improve your Spanish language skills:
Each story is recorded by a professional. The speaker speaks slowly to help beginners improve their pronunciation. You receive 2 hours of MP3 audio recording! There is no need for a separate dictionary. Each story is broken down with a Spanish and English glossary that introduces you to the words and phrases you might not understand.Any Spanish to English translations needed to understand the stories are included in a mini dictionary, perfect for Kindle.  A vocabulary recap at the end of each chapter allows you to review what you have read and listened to so you don’t forget the essential words and expressions taught throughout the lesson.
All stories are written using vocabulary that you could easily use in your day-to-day conversations.

With these 11 great Spanish short stories and the accompanying audio, you can start improving your Spanish today!


  • Awesome book to check out!

    By maveric dragon
    This book is extremely helpful! I learned 20 years ago and I am able to read and write it but with the audio it helps me remember the pronunciation of the words as well the pattern of speech. It was great refresher on the conjunction for the Spanish verbs. The notes that are underneath the section are very helpful when learning what the words mean. I would recommend this book because the stories are short and also easy to learn, the stories are very well written in words to help you learn how to understand it. The audio is great and the length of the stories are short. Check it out!
  • Absolutely Amazing

    By Amcfadden428
    With the use of other spanish app i learned vocabulary but i struggled hearing words when native speakers talk. This book helped me process it better. I love that i have the option to listen to the story rather than read it. Sometimes my eyes hurt staring at a screen for so long. Each story was interesting and the encouraging me to read and understand the spanish. The vocabulary words are bolded so its easier to know what to focus on. Very helpful and very easy to manage. Great book, i would highly recommend
  • Very useful

    By marieelizabeth19
    I have been attempting to learn Spanish for about 8 years now, and I wish I would have had something like this book earlier on. It’s a collection of short stories that are read aloud by a native Spanish speaker. Though I can tell he has a Spanish accent (rather than Mexican that I am most accustomed to), he reads at a pace that makes it very easy to follow along. Vocabulary is also included throughout the chapter, which is very helpful. Each short story has a theme (i.e. daily routine, vacations, months/seasons, food, etc.), which is super practical for new learners. It’s very useful to hear the words as you are reading, and I would highly reccommend this method and book as a whole to anyone trying to hone their Spanish skills.
  • Useful for learning

    By AverageTapBaseballBoy
    Having a native speaker read the short stories while you're following the texts helps accelerate the tone and pronunciation aspect of learning a language naturally. The reader they used to record is extremely crisp, clear, and slowed to a speed that you don't feel overwhelmed. The length of the stories (10-15 min.) makes it possible to start and finish one lesson quickly. I also appreciated that the publisher took the time to include a glossary so I could familiarize myself with the definitions. I'd recommend this book to anyone beginning to learn.
  • Great Resource & Spanish Learning Tool

    By Paige Redwine
    “Spanish: Short stories for beginners with Audio” is one of the best Spanish teaching books I’ve read and listened to! I love how the book gives you the most important terms you need to know in order to follow the stories. It was really easy to read through and helpsto hear the audio to make sure you have the correct accent when pronouncing the words. Another great thing about this book is that it has questions all in Spanish on what you’ve just read. That way you can double check that you’re actually understanding what you read. I highly recommend this book and think that all beginners should try it out! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!
  • Love it!

    By PeaceTotallyRock
    These short Spanish stories are great! You can listen to the book and follow along with the text at the same time! It did not take me long at all to learn how to use this book. It is great for people who are auditory and/or visual learners!
  • These stories are ‘increíbles’!!

    By Eudelyn O.
    What I love about these short stories is that you can listen while reading it at the same time. You can understand it better that way. This is really brilliant! If you’re trying to learn Spanish this is one of the easiest things you should do. I also like that the Spanish words and phrases were translated in English. It’s amazing!
  • Amazing Spanish Learning

    By Crupp12
    I took spanish in high school and never was able to retain that much information but with reading/listening to this book that changed. It helped me to be able to replay certain parts I didn’t understand while also seeing how things were spelled and written. I liked how the definitions were provided and the multiple choice questions helped a lot. I liked how i could do them right after reading then come back later and practice them to see if i could still get the right answer.
  • good book!

    By Jjhgffghh
    I downloaded the audiobook Spanish short stories for beginners, and found it an interesting and fun way to study Spanish, would suggest to anyone who wants to learn Spanish a fun and new way.
  • Spanish Short Stories for Beginners (with Audio)

    By MsMariaX
    This collection of Spanish short stories is great for beginners to practice Spanish reading and listening skills. The stories are interesting and just the right length. Each story has a written portion to follow along while you listen to the audio, with challenging vocabulary words in bold (and definitions at the end of each small section). There are also several questions for review at the end of each story so you can check your understanding of the content.